Dr. Lindsay Porter Leading Collaborative Research Initiatives with SEAMMSN

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Dr. Lindsay Porter Leading Collaborative Research Initiatives with SEAMMSN

SEAMMSN strives to better understand the regional health status of South East Asian cetaceans through research, teaching of best practices in veterinary skills, capacity building and emergency response to live stranded animals.

A non-political, science based network dedicated to promoting the best practice of marine mammal stranding response and management through the open and free exchange of information, data, materials, methods and protocols in order to conserve marine mammals and their habitats in the South East Asian region.

The objectives of the network are to:

  • Promote best practices for regional marine mammal stranding response and rehabilitation
  • Provide assistance to establish and develop in-situ regional country stranding networks
  • Provide a platform for relevant and comparable data and information sharing among network stakeholders
  • Provide assistance for stranding response and rehabilitation capacity building, including but not limited to regional and national organisation, infrastructure, equipment and personnel training
  • Serve as a central information repository and exchange resource for regional stakeholders, including subject matter experts, effective protocols, planning, equipment sourcing, as well as response and rehabilitation training materials
  • Facilitate collaborations to enhance stranding resources, and promote research/publication opportunities on marine mammals in the region
  • Promote regional marine mammal stranding awareness in public, private and governmental sectors as well as enhance public participation in reporting events and support stranding responders
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