Aimee Kate Darias O'Hara
Aimee Kate Darias O'HaraProject Scientist (Europe)
Alex Brown
Alex BrownProject Scientist (Europe)
Project Scientist with interests in the responses of animals to anthropogenic activities and improving methods of baseline data collection to inform environmental impact assessment.
Alex Harris
Alex Harris Research Scientist, Field Lead (Canada)
Project Scientist with interests in Killer whale movement modeling, and assessing human impact and monitoring the success of recovery efforts.
Cormac Booth
Cormac BoothPrincipal Scientist & Director of Business Development (Europe)
Interests include the distribution, ecology and acoustic behaviour of cetaceans.
Dom Tollit
Dom TollitSenior Research Scientist (NA)
Behavioral ecology, foraging and population dynamics of top marine predators.
Jason Wood
Jason WoodOperations Manager & Senior Research Scientist (NA)
Acoustician with an interest in the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals.
Jesse Turner
Jesse TurnerField Engineer (NA)
Field engineer for the Coastal Acoustic Buoy (CAB) project.
Jessica Thompson
Jessica ThompsonJunior Scientist (NA)
Junior scientist with experience in bioacoustics analysis.
Kaitlin Palmer
Kaitlin PalmerSenior Research Scientist (NA)
Acoustician with an interest in acoustics ranging from animal communication, propagation modelling, neural network detectors, and statistical modelling
Katarína Klementisová
Katarína Klementisová Project Scientist (Europe)
Project Scientist with interest in marine mammals interspecies interactions and the interactions with their environment.
Madalina Matei
Madalina MateiProject Scientist (Europe)
Project Scientist with interest in the development of automated detection and classification algorithms for marine mammal vocalizations
Megan Ryder
Megan RyderProject Scientist (Europe)
Project Scientist interested in the analysis of foraging behaviour, the consequences of anthropogenic disturbance and the application of spatial mapping for understanding population distributions
Paul King
Paul KingSystems Engineer (NA)
Responsible for overall systems engineering
Rachael Sinclair
Rachael SinclairSenior Scientist (Europe)
Interests focus on anthropogenic impacts on marine mammals.
Samuel Tabbutt
Samuel TabbuttField Engineer (NA)
Interests in conservation and acoustics
Ursula Verfuss
Ursula VerfussPrincipal Scientist (Europe)
Substantial experience in underwater sound and bioacoustics.