Cormac Booth

Megan Ryder

Project Scientist (Europe)


Megan is a Project Scientist for SMRU Consulting, based in the Europe office. Starting her career with a degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology from the University of Plymouth, she has a range of experience relating to habitat mapping and Passive Acoustic Monitoring for marine mammals. During her masters at the University of St Andrews, she focused on identifying the foraging habitat of Scotland’s bottlenose dolphins using acoustic analysis. Her research interests include the analysis of foraging behavior, the consequences of anthropogenic disturbance and the application of spatial mapping for understanding population distributions

  • GIS (ArcGIS & QGIS)
  • statistical analysis (R: GLMs, GAMs, predictive modelling)
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAMguard, CPOD.exe)
  • photo-ID
  • Behavioral Response Studies
  • Offshore wind farm consenting
  • PCoD


+1 (44) 1334-464746

Scottish Oceans Institute
East Sands
University of St Andrews
KY16 8LB