Really exciting news out of the tidal energy industry today as Atlantis Resources Limited announces that they have acquired Marine Current Turbines Limited (MCT) from Siemens AG  in an all share deal!

MCT’s SeaGen device has been deployed as the worlds first commercial tidal turbine in Strangford Lough and MCT sites have been the source of much of the knowledge of how marine mammals interact with tidal turbines.

SMRU Consulting Europe have an extensive history of working with MCT and Siemens on projects including:


It is exciting to hear that the opportunities to learn about the potential impacts of tidal energy devices can continue with Atlantis Resources.


Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, said:

We are delighted to be acquiring this leading British tidal power company from Siemens which firmly positions Atlantis as a leader in UK tidal power and globally. Marine Current Turbines has developed a world leading tidal turbine, a world class engineering team, unrivalled expertise in long-term turbine operations and testing through its SeaGen installation at Strangford Lough and an impressive portfolio of projects under development across the UK. We welcome Siemens as an Atlantis shareholder. This deal sees two industry leaders, MCT and Atlantis, combining to underpin the UK’s position as one of Europe’s tidal power leaders.

Highlights of the acquisition (see more at the Atlantis Resources website):

  • Consolidates two world leading tidal technologies – MCT and Atlantis
  • Further establishes Atlantis as a global leader in tidal current power
  • Creates one of the largest portfolios of tidal current power projects in the United Kingdom

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