Starting off Monday right, with a great video of bowhead whales in the Canadian Arctic, shot using unmanned aerial vehicles or ‘drones’

Research led by Sarah Fortune to explore the behaviour and body condition of bowheads in the region could lead to some exciting findings to help better our understanding of this species. One interesting finding highlighted in the video was that animals appear to forage more in the morning and rest in the afternoon. This could have important implications for how disturbance could affect these animals (e.g. affecting how well or how easily they can forage, or potentially disrupting the animals rest patterns). Of course the research will also give an indication of how these animals are doing now, and hopefully how they might cope or adapt in the face of changing climate.

Check out the video below and Sarah Fortune’s research profile here. The learn more about PCOD and the affects of disturbance on populations of marine mammals, check out the PCOD page here.