Marine Renewables Canada Open House

SMRU Consulting to participate in Marine Renewables Canada industry open house.

On June 14 Dr. Ruth Joy will be attending Marine Renewables Canada (MRC) Marine Renewables Energy Industry Open House in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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Presentations from MEP!

Carol was busy presenting our-world leading research along side the best and brightest from the tidal industry in Wales at the Marine Energy Pembrokeshire 2016 meeting. If you weren’t able to make it or want to watch Carol‘s and others presentations – you can check it out below and here.

We’ve done a tonne of work in the tidal energy in the UK and all over the world – improving what we know about the potential impacts of tidal energy devices on marine mammal populations. You can check out all our project work here.

Startled seals

Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) have often been used around fish farms to scare away predators such as seals. The ADDs work by producing loud noises designed to scare away any predators. However, often animals can become habituated to these ADD noises as the desire to eat outweights the annoyance of the ADD noise. Also, the ADDs can have an impact on non-target species.

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