14 06, 2018

Ursula presents Low Visibility Monitoring

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Ursula will be presenting tomorrow (15th June) on Low Visibility Monitoring at the workshop on The Effect of Seismic Surveys on the Marine Environment at the European Association of the Geoscientists & Engineers Conference & Exhibition. […]

15 12, 2017

Awesome away day!

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As we close out another really good year for the company, working with great clients, funders and collaborators, it seemed like a good time for the team to look inside and reflect on how we can work together even better and more efficiently! […]

23 02, 2017

How to monitor for population effects of noise?

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Next week, we’re hosting a workshop to identify monitoring priorities for assessing population consequences of disturbance! […]

7 09, 2016

Expert Forum: Assessing at the Population Level

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A couple of weeks ago we led an Annex IV expert forum on the Risk of Collision Between Marine Mammals and Tidal Turbines – Assessing at the Population Level. […]

11 12, 2015

SMRU Consulting SMM Workshop TOMORROW

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SMRU Consulting are excited to be hosting a workshop at the 2015 SMM tomorrow! The topic is: Marine mammal impact prediction, assessment, monitoring and mitigation. There is a fantastic list of attendees going and we are really looking forward to the discussions throughout the day. […]

18 06, 2015

SMRU Consulting – Impact Assessment Workshop at the SMM Conference

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SMRU Consulting are hosting a workshop at the upcoming Society of Marine Mammalogy conference in San Francisco. Registration details are below. […]

4 05, 2015

The Secret Lives of Marine Mammals

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This week, SMRU Consulting North America is participating in a workshop on biomonitoring (using animals to explore isolated habitats) and biologging (tracking animals to describe their behaviour).  The workshop, ‘Building a Bio-analytical Theory for the Analysis of Marine Mammal Movements’ is being held by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and is sponsored by the [...]