Our sister company SA Instrumentation is featured in a new documentary on Asia’s History Channel called “Tracking Asia’s Fish Bombers”, which features the Decimus system to detect fish bombs.

The Marine Conservation Society commissioned the design and production of a specialised Decimus system to detect and localise fish bombs being used in Malaysian coral reef marine parks. Fish bombing is an illegal method of catching large numbers of fish in a fraction of the time it takes using more traditional line and lure methods. These bombs are destroying endangered coral reef systems but catching those responsible has been almost impossible. In order to help field officers and enforcement rangers find out in real time, where the fish bombs are being detonated, the Decimus “bomb listener” is being used to listen for bombs from multiple locations to eventually determine the GPS location of the explosion – allowing marine park authorities the opportunity to respond almost immediately in an attempt to arrest those responsible.

Dr Elizabeth Wood, MCS Coral Reef Officer, said:

“The marine park authorities have no idea where or when it is going to take place, and the area is often so big that it’s impossible to catch those doing it.  By using ground-breaking technology produced by SA Instrumentation, the authorities will receive the exact co-ordinates of the fish bomb blast in almost real time, giving them the opportunity to arrest those responsible while they are collecting the fish.  The overall aim of the plan is to deter more fishermen from using these harmful bombs.”

Unfortunately the documentary is not available in the UK yet, but the short trailer and information on the documentary can be found here.

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