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Based in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, the thirty strong team of marine mammal researchers provide consulting, scientific and educational services.  The Asia Pacific team is supported by the University of St. Andrews who have an unrivalled reputation in the marine science field. This enables the team to provide innovative, robust and scientifically rigorous solutions across multiple sectors. With civil engineering mitigation projects in the South China Sea, deep sea monitoring of large whales in the Indian Ocean and the study of rare river dolphins in Borneo, the Asia Pacific team provide expertise throughout the diverse habitats of the region.

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Our Services & Sectors

The Asia Pacific team works with governments, NGO’s, management and education authorities as well as the commercial sector. With specialised training in data collection and processing techniques, rescue and rehabilitation, acoustic detection systems and large scale monitoring projects, the diverse range of skills the Asia Pacific team possess provides expertise across the multiple disciplines required to effectively understand, assess and mitigate the impact of marine projects.  Recognised as experts within the region, Asia Pacific team members are also involved in the advisory process for international policy and regulations.

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Our Projects

Asia is the centre of global marine biodiversity and the myriad island nations that comprise the region rely heavily on Asian waters for sustenance, resources and transport as well as cultural heritage. The Asia Pacific team tackles the challenges of mitigating the huge infrastructure projects which are underway in this fast developing region. From transport infrastructure that spans large expanses of coastal habitat to oceanic and sub-sea resource exploration of remote offshore area, the Asia Pacific projects are typically long term and focus on assessing and minimising impact throughout the lifespan these activities of the exploration and development of process.

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Assessing the Status of Tropical Delphinids in Borneo’s Rivers

Lindsay and her team have just been awarded the WDC Bharathi Viswanathan Award for innovative and non-invasive research. This award highlights the contribution of their research into the sparsely distributed delphinid species which are associated with Borneo’s vast meandering waterways. Findings from this study inform management authorities on effective conservation of these vulnerable species.

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