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SMRU Consulting- Europe is a scientific research and advisory consultancy with specialist knowledge of the response of sea mammals such as whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals to impacts of marine developments. We provide high quality environmental services and products to allow industry and government to understand more of what goes on in our seas. This results in evidence-based, informed decisions regarding the exploitation, development and management of the marine environment.

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Our Services & Sectors

We have considerable experience with developing frameworks for the environmental assessment of the effects of anthropogenic activities on marine mammals. We work closely with developer teams to ensure project risks are identified and managed, from pre-consenting consultation through to post installation monitoring and reporting. SMRU Marine works closely with our academic partner the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) at the University of St Andrews.

Markets include:
Wet Renewables, Oil & Gas, Decommissioning, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Development, Military / Defence, Advice to Government, Scientific Community

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Our Projects

Our Europe team provides expert review of developer Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Appropriate Assessments (AAs), and advice to non-commercial organisations in relation to Strategic Environmental Assessments in the marine environment.

We provide specialist input to all stages of the EIA process, from screening through to post construction monitoring on marine mammals, and bespoke research into marine mammal interactions with developments and human activities.

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Population Consequences of Disturbance


SMRU Consulting – collaborating with a team of researchers at the University of St Andrews, led by Prof. John Harwood – have developed an interim framework for assessing the consequences of noise disturbance on marine mammal populations that may result from the underwater noise generated by offshore renewable energy developments (Population Consequences of Disturbance PC0D).

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