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SMRU Consulting North America is a leader in applied marine mammal research, based on the west coast of North America, specializing in monitoring, assessing and mitigating the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammal populations. Both the Canadian and US based companies are wholly owned by the University of St. Andrews.

Our Services & Sectors

SMRU Consulting North America carries out a variety of interdisciplinary marine mammal applied and pure science research projects, to assist with managing environmental risks and to improve decision making associated with marine activities. Our sector breakdown is largely split between infrastructure/energy extraction related projects and federally-funded research and impact assessment projects (US-DOE, USAF, NOAA, OERA, CSLC).

Our Projects

Our projects cover a diverse range of topics and geographic locations and to date, we have completed over 15 projects in North America and have collaborated on many others worldwide.

Our Most Recent Project

Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Environmental Impact Statement

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project (RBT2) is a proposed new three-berth marine terminal in Delta, B.C., which could provide 2.4 million TEUs of additional container capacity annually.  This project is part of Port of Vancouver’s Container Capacity Improvement Program, a long-term strategy to meet the anticipated growth in demand for container capacity to 2030.

Live Passive Acoustic Monitoring Systems

Lime Kiln Hydrophone Station

SMRU Consulting North America design and install live passive acoustic monitoring systems.
Current projects include the live streaming hydrophone at Lime Kiln Point State Park
on San Juan Island, Washington State. This project is a collaboration with the Port of Vancouver’s
ECHO program and the Whale Museum

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