Announcing a new release of the PAMGuard software for the acoustic detection, localisation and classification of marine mammals!

As part of our PAMGuard Maintenance project we have just released a new version of the PAMGuard software . This is the first release of a 64 bit version of PAMGuard. It allows access to more memory than the 32 bit version which is important when working at high sample rates or with large number of channels. This development was funded by the IOGP Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Programme (JIP). PAMGuard maintenance and support is provided through the University of St Andrews by a team of specialists led by Doug Gillespie.

Details about PAMGuard can be found here.

Details on the new 64 bit release can be found here.

PAMGuard aims to contribute to better mitigation of anthropogenic activities and to research by providing improved passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) software within an open source, integrated infrastructure, that is freely available to all users.

The funding mechanism for PAMGuard is currently transitioning from direct industry funding to a Voluntary Contribution System.

The voluntary contributions will be used for the maintenance of PAMGuard, which includes key tasks such as:

  • Bug Fixing: Reported bugs are fixed in a timely manner and included in future releases.
  • User Support: Providing basic email support to industry users.
  • Code Maintenance: Assisting developers, managing the Sourceforge code repository and preparing bi annual software releases.
  • Administration: Keeping track of time and costs, discussing needs with Industry and managing the website and the PAMGuard Facebook pages.

See here for further information on the PAMGuard Maintenance Voluntary Contribution System.