One of our previous blog posts detailed a record holding elephant seal dive to 2,388 m… This record has just been smashed by a Cuvier’s beaked whale….

Researchers from the Cascadia Research Collective tagged 8 Cuvier’s beaked whales off the Southern California coast, recording their movement and diving behaviour for up to 3 months. One whale set a new deepest dive record by reaching 2,992 m and another broke the longest dive record by completing a 137.5 minute dive!

The paper detailing the study and these data can be found here.

SMRU Consulting have also been involved in a tagging study of beaked whales, which investigated the responses of beaked whales in the Bahamas to mid-frequency active sonar.

Check out our project summary here: BEAKED WHALE BEHAVIOURAL RESPONSE STUDY


Photo credit: Erin A. Falcone/Cascadia Research.