This week we are hosting a PCoD workshop! This workshop will be for PCoD+ to develop a PCoD Decision Framework.

This is part of our PCOD+ project (sponsored by the Office of Naval Research), which is focused on overcoming the most important impediments that have limited the implementation of the PCoD (population consequences of disturbance) framework. The PCoD Decision Framework is intended to be used to aid the development of PCoD models for different marine mammal populations exposed to the same source of disturbance. This framework is also intended to be suitable for providing advice on the most appropriate form of PCoD model for these populations, based on likely data availability and model sensitivity.

The aims of the 3 day workshop are to:

  1. Present the framework developed to date, determine whether the framework is fit for purpose and work through example disturbance scenarios.
  2. Determine the most appropriate PCoD model for different populations and identify highly vulnerable/sensitive populations that are a priority for further development of PCoD models.
  3. Determine whether other forms of PCoD model are required/need to be developed (full PCoD, or simpler models based on bioenergetic modelling, proxy relationships, or expert elicitation).

We’re excited to have an amazing team of experts across marine mammal science, descending upon St Andrews – where we’re looking forward to getting to grips with these big questions!

You can read more about the PCoD+ project here.

Our first PCoD+ workshop was to identify monitoring priorities to determine which metrics of population health and/or demographics are most appropriate for monitoring and for detection of the population-level consequences of disturbance.