PCoD+ Workshops & Meetings

PCoD+ Workshops & Meetings2017-09-18T10:21:16+00:00

Upcoming Events

September 2017 – we are hosting a 3 day workshop in St Andrews to develop the PCoD decision framework. The objectives of this workshop will be to: 1) present the framework developed with example disturbance scenarios, 2) determine the most appropriate PCoD model for different populations and identify highly vulnerable/sensitive populations that are a priority for further development of PCoD models and to 3) determine whether other forms of PCoD model are required/need to be developed.

Past Events

March 2017 – We recently held a closed workshop in Santa Cruz, CA with invited experts, the project team and the project Science Advisory Panel (SAP) members. The objectives were to update the SAP on overall all progress (1 day) and to explore a list of suitable response variables that might inform an assessment of the potential PCOD from Navy activities on marine mammal populations (2 days).