Check out the cool new Real Time Plotting of Cetaceans software (REPCET).

The aim of this new software is to minimise the risk of collisions between large whales and vessels. It was created as a response to the increasing number of large marine mammals in the Mediterranean colliding with vessels. The system works by entering the location of any whale sighting into the program. The sightings information is then sent by satellite in real time to a server where the data is then transmitted to other vessels to warn them of marine mammals in the area. This warning allows them to reduce their speed or increase watches in the area to minimise their chances of collisions. The great thing about this software is the collaborative nature of it; anyone with a vessel can use it to log marine mammal sightings, whether they are a commercial cargo vessel, fishing vessel, military vessel, pleasure boaters or anything else. The real time location data and warning system lets others know what is in the area and provides calculated risk zones. The software also uses environmental data and statistical modelling to predict areas with higher cetacean presence.

The data gathered by logged observations with the REPCET system is also providing scientists with valuable information on the presence and distribution of marine mammals. The presentation video Pelagos Giants puts it nicely by stating “Gone are the days when ecology was left only to the experts”.

See the website for more information.