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26 04, 2017

'Whispering' whales

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We all know humpback whales produce amazing songs that can be heard for miles, but new research has shown that during their migration from the breeding grounds to feeding areas, calves make low level vocalisations – a new paper theorises the reasons for these quiet sounds. […]

23 08, 2016

New paper: getting noise from tags

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An exciting new paper has been published, from our friends at the Dutch organisation TNO – exploring how to get measurements of ambient (and other) noise from DTAGs. […]

8 06, 2015

Northern Bottlenose Whales: Behavioural Disturbance from Sonar Signals

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Great new paper from our colleagues over at SMRU on how sonar signals cause behavioural disturbance in Northern Bottlenose Whales… […]