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26 01, 2018

What happens when porpoises are disturbed? Are they on an energetic knife-edge?

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Over the last two years, there’s been a very interesting exploration of how successfully harbour porpoises forage and what the implications are for their vulnerability or ability to tolerate disturbance. Here we’re going to take a bit of a ‘deep dive’ to explore what it all means. […]

21 09, 2016

The future of PCoD?

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We’re delighted to announce we’ve been awarded funding by the Office of Naval Research to build upon all the work done to date on exploring the Population Consequences of Disturbance (PCoD)! […]

6 11, 2015

Fur Seals Carrying Cameras

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Interesting new paper from Sascha Hooker, one of our colleagues at SMRU. Tags attached to fur seals recorded images and videos and reveal new insights into possible group feeding behaviour. There is very little data on the interactions between seals while at sea.  […]

9 10, 2015

Blue whales: the biggest and pickiest eaters in the world

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Blue whales just might be the world’s biggest and pickiest eaters! They are the largest animals on the planet yet they feed on one of the smallest. They are specialist foragers that feed exclusively on krill, small crustaceans that are found near the bottom of the marine food chain. […]