Interesting post from Dr Mark Brewer on the use of statistics in ecology journals with some recommendations on how to choose your stats methods…

Dr Mark Brewer is a statistician with Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland, based in Aberdeen. His main statistics interests are Species Distribution Modelling, Compositional Data Analysis, Bayesian Mixture Modelling and Bayesian Ordinal Regression.

His blog posts lists 10 top tips for ecologists to consider when reviewing statistics. These include:

  • New Doesn’t Mean Good
  • Understand Assumptions
  • p-values are not the Work of the Devil

Here is an example of one of his top tips:

Old Doesn’t Mean Bad

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told the method I’ve used is “out-of-date” or “old-fashioned”. It doesn’t matter that, say, logistic regression was formalised over 50 years ago – it is still a perfectly valid method. Age should never be used to criticise a method per se.”


Click for the link to his full blog post.

Click for his talk on “Model selection and the Cult of AIC“.