Our Team

Carol Sparling

Technical Director

Carol has extensive experience in consultancy and marine mammal science.

Jason Wood

Operations Manager & Senior Research Scientist

Acoustician with an interest in the effects of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals.

Lindsay Porter

Operations Manager/Senior Scientist

Lindsay has spent the last 20 years in Asia and runs all Asia Pacific projects.

Cormac Booth

Principal Scientist & Director of Business Development

Interests include the distribution, ecology and acoustic behaviour of cetaceans.

Dom Tollit

Senior Research Scientist

Behavioral ecology, foraging and population dynamics of top marine predators.

Ursula Verfuss

Senior Scientist

Substantial experience in underwater sound and bioacoustics.

Ruth Joy

Senior Research Scientist

Statistician with extensive experience in ecological modelling and a focus on marine ecology.

Rachael Plunkett

Associate Scientist

Interests focus on anthropogenic impacts on marine mammals.

Frances Robertson

Research Scientist

Frances is experienced in studying the impacts of coastal and offshore industries on cetacean populations.

Lindsay Wilson

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Lindsay works on the PCoD+ project developing a Decision Framework

Lai Kiu Fung “Henry”

Field Project Manager

Supervises all marine MMO and PAM operators.

Asia Pacific Crew

Our MMO and PAM crew are never happier than when they are on the water!